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Bioethanol Fuel


Bioethanol Fuel


Biola Coffee

£ 25.04

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48 x 1L 'Biola' Premium Bioethanol Fuel


£ 91.67

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Deep Forest

£ 25.04

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80L Premium 'Fanola' Bioethanol Fuel (16x5L)

80L Bioethanol Fuel Fanola Premium (16x5L) |

£ 165.83

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Bio Ethanol Fires Ireland

Bio Ethanol Fires Ireland was established ten years ago to provide distribution and sales of Bioethanol Fires & Bioethanol fuel through the UK & Ireland.

Bio Ethanol Fires Ireland is now one of the largest UK & Irish distributors of Bioethanol fuels and fires across not only the UK & Ireland but Europe. 

Bio Ethanol Fires Irelandhas now grown to provide distribution and support for a wide portfolio of bioethanol fire and bioethanol fuel product lines throughout Europe.

Bioethanol fuel is mainly produced by the sugar fermentation process, although it can also be manufactured by the chemical process of reacting ethylene with steam. The main sources of sugar required to produce ethanol come from fuel or energy crops. As it is produced from vegetation rather than fossil fuels (gas and coal), it produces far lower levels of carbon and so, subject to certain limits, it doesn't need to be used in conjunction with a chimney or flue.

The bioethanol fuel has a calorific value and so, depending on the amount being burned, is capable of producing heat. In a manual burner, the vapours produced from the fuel are ignited to produce the flame and, by varying the size of the opening of the burner, more or less heat can be produced. By closing the opening of the burner, the flames are starved of oxygen and are immediately extinguished.


Online Seller of Bioethanol Fires UK

At Biofires Ireland we aim to provide our customers with the largest selection of bioethanol fire available in the UK, Irish and European markets. We will always try and advise our customers to the best of our ability on choosing which bio fire will suit in their home and which will be the most appropriate for the way they wish to use the bio fire.

We only deal with the biggest brand names and highest quality manufacturers globally including Planika, Ecosmartfire, Buschbeck, Beefire. 

 Biofires have also extended their portfolio of products to include a wide range of Natural Herbal Creams and Boat Cleaning Products. 

We offer delivery across the UK, Ireland and Europe.